Friday, 22 September 2017

Google for Education Certification Exam Level 1 (Week 9)

Today was the big day. All our learning and creating and sharing was being assessed, and at the end of it we were expected to get a Level 1 badge. However I cannot show you what it looks like because
of this:
The excuses are:

  • umm...
  • it was...
No not really - I just needed more time. It took me longer than usual to get started. The questions were not too hard, I might say some were easy and I really enjoyed it. Perhaps I took too long enjoying the exam and eventually ran out of time. I got 20 multiple choice Q's and 11 scenarios and am guessing that the others got something similar. When the timer alert was on the "last 10 minutes" I still had 5 scenarios to work through. That alert sort of "woke me" up and the tasks were done faster. Clearly not fast enough as I was working on scenario 9/11 when the exam self terminated since it was 3 hours since I started. It does not help to note that only one person in the group got through today.

Note to self - 
  • Google "Hangouts" and "Meet" are different and not interchangeable. 
  • Youtube "watch later"  and "playlist" are also different.
What next: we have to wait 14 days to repeat the attempt so I will register some time after a week so that we can give it another go. 


  1. What a honest reflection Jay. That timing seems to have caught everyone out. Next time we need a big clock with alerts every 45 minutes to keep people progressing faster. Also more emphasis in the lead up on not spending extra time on challenging scenarios and to leave them and come back later. Best wishes for success next time.

  2. I really like your reflection here because you're a great model to your learners - you didn't quite get it right the first time because of timing, but you've thought about what went wrong and now you're ready to have another go! I've really enjoyed reading your blogs throughout the year around the Digital Fluency Intensive. :)