Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Technology in the future

"All this technology is making us antisocial"

At first glance it looks like we are becoming less social as we are glued to our devices - whether they are laptops, tablets, mobile phones or other smaller wearable devices'

However I disagree with the premise that we are becoming antisocial due to this technology.
By definition "social"means 'relating to society or its organisation'.  We are actually able to keep in touch MORE than was possible ever before. It is easier to get in touch and stay in touch anytime anywhere. And that makes us more social not less; neither does it make us antisocial.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

PD - Help with our Inquiry

Today we had an after school PD session, and the main purpose of this session was to help us with our Inquiry.

While many different formats were discussed I really liked the "visual" one promoted by another visual person. It looks like this

Another tool I would like to use is the labels. This will help me organise all the relevant blog posts together. Some suggestions are :

Should be able to formalise my inquiry soon now that I have some useful tools in place.