Saturday, 9 September 2017

Sites Wk 7

Today's session was about websites and I was sure this was going to be a slow & boring day. I designed/made my first website almost 2 decades back in 1998 and therefore I know everything about sites. Wait a minute - I sound just like my students!

And how wrong this notion was. I now know, not just how much I did not know but also how to find what I want to know...

Back to the morning - we first shared ideas about what a good site should have ( well organised, links on the landing page etc) and NOT have (too busy, monotonous, busy, access denied etc). If you cannot fit all your important links on the landing page in the screen - gamify a treasure hunt to find stuff on your site. A google form could help in that.

We learnt about Google keep and I really liked the text grab feature - very useful. This could also be used to create soft copies of student's paper work (exams/ diagrams etc) and save as a multi page doc in the absence of a scanner.
Here's a screenshot of the work done on the new site - Standards for the Teaching Profession

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