Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Working with sites, blogs - DFI - Wk 5.

Cross curricular topic site collaboration.
We were tasked to make a site based on the story of the Lion and the mouse. There were 3 groups who worked on a specific range of year levels, the highest being Y7 to 9. We used this padlet to collect the ideas from the team.

We also made a one page site. Since I do not teach year 9's I just made one which includes what we learnt but will not yet be used this year. Some of the links are not live. I used a video of my Y11 Physics class on the site. This is something I intend to do on my class sites...

Finally we learnt to network by linking our blogs "link love". This can be used in a class situation to ensure all (or most) blogs are read by a wider audience. Here's what mine looks like after this gadget "Blog list" has been added.

Need to practice so that I can recollect all this when needed...:-)

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  1. Great summary of the learning Jay. I'm gutted I couldn't be there for this session, it sounds like it was fun. Your learners will appreciate any and all skills you gain in creating sites, I'm sure. How did your practice go?