Friday, 28 July 2017

Digital Fluency Intensive - Week 1 Term 3. The basics...

Yay its Friday! We had 11 teachers from Schools around Auckland come together and start a journey. Todays "to-do list" included things like Google Chrome, Drive, Docs, Save and Blogger.

Google Save is something of a boon for people using drive - it helps add tags to whatever we save. This makes looking for the docs much more easier - here's how. When we use multiple tags, e.g. topic, NZQA standard, student's name etc we can find files with any parameter since each tag works as a search parameter. This is similar to blogs in a way.

We learnt some word processing shortcuts & tricks. For instance using (Ctrl+shift+V) instead of (Ctrl+V) helps us paste using the current documents format rather than the format from the source document. This saves valuable time & effort when tidying up the current document specially if you are copying from many documents and/or websites.

Voice recording to share a story was a good activity. Now I can leave the keyboard aside when typiong long documents/reports 👍. Adding headings and sub headings and "Table of Contents" was my favourite. This is really useful for navigating long docs. It is similar to adding bookmarks - but in bulk.

We also learnt how to find and use addons.  Mind Meister for mind mapping, WebSequenceDiagrams & Lucid Charts for flow charts and/or circuit diagrams etc.

And finally we made a poster in Google Docs: Not using draw, but tables to organise images etc. The font used is "Raleway". Found some images of our Y13's senior students when they were not taller than us :-)


  1. Thanks for this very succinct and detailed summary of a full day of professional learning Jay. We appreciate your contributions to this group and look forward to interesting days ahead.

  2. Fantastic summary Jay, this is a great reflection both for yourself and anyone else reading your blog! I look forward to reading this weeks summary! Great work

  3. Kia Ora Jay,
    Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed reading your overview of last week's session. Looking forward to following your thoughts and reflections as the term progresses.